Best Way To Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Program (2024)

so I earned 50,000 INR while sleeping! I have done sales worth 15lakh from which I earned 50,000 in this blog we will learn how you earn money from an amazon affiliate that to while sleeping let me take you to my mobile screen and show you what earning while sleeping actually means! so firstly if you go to telegram and search for cheapdealsoffers you will find a channel with over 3,000 subscribers with average views of 25 and how much you can earn from this.

If I show you on my camera see for the last 30days you can see the earning let me apply so its around 3k but if we see for last few months or quarters or any custom date we see for July month for july its around 5k, for August month till 31st and apply its again 5.3k so by this way revenue is being generated, so what happen here is by a bot whatever the deals from amazon keep getting updated here by this it get on telegram channels same goes for whatsapp groups here see the roadster jacket for 349 and the same posted on the telegram channel as well roadster jacket for 349.

Best Way To Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Program (2023)

So its getting shared on both telegram as well as WhatsApp so the method to this is having an amazon affiliate approval, the exact way how we earn from amazon affiliates is first there is an amazon affiliate website where you register after that you have to take the approval for the account and in that approval: You have to generate 3 sales within 90 days period with which you get the amazon affiliate approval so the process for approval is very big for that we have made a course and you can buy the course if you want to understand the exact approval process approval + website + 3 sales.

Then you will get the approval then too there are criteria everyone does not get approved I have researched for it for 3 years and then made an amazon affiliate course in which you learn about how to get the approval, how to make a website, how to set telegram, WhatsAppsocial media or content marketing from blogs for deals automation this is the process in which you take deals from any channel and export then into your channels and subs you bring into your channels.

Best Way To Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Program (2023)

From the channel if someone buys stuff you will earn money while sleeping you don’t have to put money into something just make your telegram channel deals will get updated people will buy them for which you get a commission from amazon suppose there is a product worth 1000 so you will get 9%-10% commission on that by this way you will get 100, 200,… many customers by them from which you can generate a good amount of commission and take this to next level in my channels I haven’t added any subscribers, knowing I will generate more money with more subs I have more things to work on that why I am not much into this.

But this way you can earn money from amazon affiliates which is by far the best way to earn while sleeping it will easily help you to generate side income if you want to know how you can get amazon approval, how to earn from deals channels like these you can buy the course which a paid one, its paid because it for the interested ones who are actually needy and not here for any fun so do watch it I don’t want to share the trick publicly because if I do so then the competition will rise, so only those can go who are interested in making money the course is worth 999 in which you can earn money while sleeping life long.

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