10 Copy-Paste Jobs Online in India: Start Without Investment

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Online copy paste jobs are an easy and fast way of earning income. One of the simplest ways to make money with little to no investment is through this method. It is currently one of the most in-demand jobs. This work has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to make money.

These jobs require no technical skills. So even if you have no qualifications, you can register for these jobs and earn a good living. You would need little to no experience to start copy-paste jobs. They require 3-4 hours of work per day. The working hours are very flexible and convenient for the job-doer. Homemakers, students, and freshers can depend on these jobs to earn a living.

You can choose from a list of genuine online copy-paste jobs without investment as your source of income. It might appear challenging at first, as all new things do. Take a few days to figure out all the aspects of the job. Once you get the hang of it, you will surely start enjoying your work.

What Are Copy-Paste Jobs?

Copy-paste work from home usually involves moving content or data from one file to another. The job might require you to transfer data from one Microsoft Word file to another. Or it might need you to convert a particular excel spreadsheet to a pdf format. The goal is to convert the source file into the desired format.

In today’s era, data is constantly evolving. It can be anything, from names, phone numbers, and email addresses to street addresses, IP addresses, search engine results and much more. In copy-paste jobs, all you need to do is compile this data. In addition, you may need to prepare Word and Excel documents in their basic formats.

However, you must complete hundreds of these documents in one day. Data entry jobs and online copy-paste jobs without investment which provide daily payments are very similar.

Copy-paste jobs might include:

  • Creating clear copies for various media files such as newsletters, blog posts, and advertisements.
  • Interviewing and conducting research.
  • Building marketing projects and campaigns with the help of creative and qualified people.
  • Many times, copywriters produce direct, concise, and interesting content. They make advertisements or marketing materials for various audiences in numerous industries, including technology and healthcare.

Types of Copy-Paste Jobs

There are various types of copy-paste jobs available in the market. To decide which would work for you, you must know about its different types. An extensive list of the various types of copy-paste jobs has are below:

  1. Convert Excel file to Word file or Vice-versa: The provided Excel data is to be converted into a Word file or from a word file to excel.
  2. PDF file to Word file/Word file to PDF file: The information is provided in Word or PDF format. You are responsible for converting data from the source file to the required format.
  3. Scanned Copy to Word file (Image to Document Conversion): You need to convert a given image into a Word or Excel file.
  4. Visual Studio/ Visual Basic: This work requires you to copy & paste various kinds of data like personal information, including name, phone number, address, and so on.
  5. Generating Invoices: In this kind of copy-paste job, you are expected to copy and paste the invoices generated in excel to another document format.
  6. HTML Testing Jobs: Here, you might be required to fill out forms to check an HTML code.
  7. Item Addition to E-commerce sites: A list of items is given to you. You have to add these to an e-commerce website. Usually, these sites include Amazon, Snapdeal or Flipkart. Each e-commerce store has a similar process for adding products. You have to provide certain information about the product like the name, pictures, a brief description, and price.

Top 10 Copy and Paste Jobs Online Without Investment

Now that we know what these copy-paste jobs can be like, let’s look at the most viable options. We have curated a list of the top 10 copy-paste jobs online that require little to no investment from your side.

Data Entry

Due to its flexibility, data entry is one of the most sought-after online job opportunities. Anyone wishing to work from home will find it ideal because of its convenience. There are no fixed timings to perform therefore, you can create your schedule and work can be performed anytime.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, a student, a retiree, or even just looking for simple methods to make additional money online, this is the ideal job for you. It is the best way to make money by copying and pasting.

Typically no additional qualifications are needed for data entry jobs. With basic computer knowledge like typing and online search, you’ll be able to make a handsome amount. On platforms for independent contractors like Fiverr and Craigslist, you can locate data entry tasks.

Create a profile on the platforms of your choice, submit your resume if necessary, and begin looking for data entry jobs that suit your qualifications.


Another common type of copy-paste job is transcription, which pays well and can be performed at your own pace. On Upwork and other freelance job-focused websites, you can locate transcription tasks.

All you require is a computer with a fast internet connection and familiarity with either Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Additionally, you might want to start honing your shorthand skills to keep up with the rapid-fire speed of transcribing jobs.

Because interviews are often conducted over the phone or via Skype, you’ll also need excellent listening skills to ensure that you don’t miss any details. The transcription from the audio files can be copied and pasted into an MS Word file, where you can change it to make it match the audio recording.

Converting from Word to PDF or Image to Doc

It is a good option available for people looking for copy-paste jobs online without investment. The data is in Word or PDF format. It is, therefore, your duty to convert the file from PDF to Word or Word to PDF format.

Or you are given an image that needs to be converted into a Word or Excel sheet (PNG or JPG to text). Here, your role is to convert a source file into the destination format.

Product Listing Jobs

It is a good copy-paste work-from-home without investment. Freelancers must add product details to an e-commerce website, such as a description, image, price, and features. Product listing jobs are in demand nowadays.

Form-Filling Jobs

The hired independent copy-paste job contractor is expected to complete the forms using the given data. You must be careful while filing the form as you cannot fill in the wrong information. Learn more about form-filling jobs

Data Scraping Jobs

A data scraper is a person who collects information from the internet and organizes it for later retrieval. To make it simple for those who need this stuff, you will compile this information and post it online.

You must understand how to obtain information on the internet and the fundamentals of programming to become a data scraper. These require you to visit various websites, collect or copy specific details and then paste them into a document in a pre-defined format. You can find such data scraping jobs on Fiverr.

You might also consider applying for more complex data scraping work if you have excellent coding abilities.

Online Researcher

Online researchers look up content found on the internet, so you will be copying and pasting information to make a report. You can find online research jobs on freelancing websites like Flexjobs.

You will need to have the skills to be able to brainstorm what information your client might need. And need to provide contact information or complete profiles of specific people and details about them.

Posting on Social Media Bots

Posting on Social Media is copying and pasting the information on social media sites using the social media handles provided by the company. Many businesses need someone to manage their social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Data Transfer

Transferring data from one system or database to another is the responsibility of data migration specialists. To do this, you might copy and paste records, export them as CSV files, etc.

Data transferors deal with various data, including customer information, product listings, and financial transactions. They must ensure that this data is transferred accurately and consistently.

Data-Sheets Replication

It is the method of regularly copying data electronically from a database on one computer or server to a database on another, ensuring that all users have access to the same level of information. Users can quickly access information pertinent to their tasks without interfering with the work of others by using the distributed database that results from this process.

Data Backup Work

Making a copy of your system’s data for recovery if the original is lost or corrupted is known as a “backup.” You can restore copies using backups if you have deleted older files from your system. Many companies find it necessary to back up their data. At their backup worker, you would be storing their data in designated servers on hardware to keep it safe.

Best Websites for Copy Paste Jobs Online

Have a look at the best websites that offer copy-paste jobs.

Google Careers

Google is a popular and trustworthy platform. People use this platform because of its transparency. It is simple to find the most appropriate job for you on google careers. This platform allows many people in India to earn enough money to cover their daily needs simply by searching.

This platform displays a long list of copy-paste jobs. You can select any one of them as per your preference. It is the finest method for obtaining results after comparing all the well-known and reliable websites based on several variables, such as endorsements, brand perception, customer evaluations, etc.

LinkedIn Jobs

One of the most reliable social media sites that helps millions of people find jobs that are a good fit for their abilities and professions. In India, LinkedIn is a free job platform that has assisted hundreds of businesses in hiring, and freelancers in finding copy-paste jobs and data-entry tasks.

Both long-term and short-term copy-paste jobs are available on this platform. All you have to do is register on this site and look for the job of your dreams. Sending invitations to connect with people you think are meritorious is an option. By entering the Jobs area on the dashboard, you can start a search for jobs right away on this platform.

Applying the filter for the profession you want to work in, will show you the results and available positions in that industry.


The best copy-and-paste job site, Fiverr, provides a wide range of jobs in the data entry industry. This is the most effective and reasonably priced platform for the Indian audience compared to other job websites.

These jobs are listed by compiling job opportunities from various websites, including Quikr, Naukri, and other regional websites. From here, you can apply for jobs directly.


It provides online job posting services. You can find numerous copy-and-paste jobs from various job providers on the freelancing and cumulative job portal known as Guru. It has the respect of bringing genuine online copy-paste jobs.

So that you can land a real job, the Guru Team verifies every lead on this platform. Using this website to apply for jobs is free, and depending on your time availability, you can select several projects at once.


Long-term and short-term copy-paste jobs work from home can be found on the freelancing website Upwork. It’s the most promising online copy-paste job. This website enables people in India to earn a decent amount of money to cover their daily expenses.


It is a business that offers job opportunities to people from employers in the business and government sectors all over India and the world. It is a legitimate source for copy-paste jobs in India. You will also receive full data entry jobs in addition to this. This platform is inclusive and focuses on providing opportunities to women and students who want to make extra money.


It is a classified website where copy-paste online jobs are available. Here, job seekers can apply for positions by clicking on their top choices in the free or paid job ads.

In this case, ClickIndia is not a party to any payments or salaries for work completed. Always check with the advertiser before beginning any job.

We Work Remotely

One of the biggest websites for remote work and online copy-paste jobs without investment is We Work Remotely. Copy-paste jobs are available on We Work Remotely for several tasks, including data input, form filling, and more.

You do not need to register an account to use this site. You can apply for a job by clicking on it and filling out a brief form with your personal information, CV, and a few more questions.


A website for freelancers that specialises in writing and translation services. On this website, you can apply for various copy-paste jobs without paying a fee or getting a membership, just like on other freelancing sites. Create a well-detailed portfolio before you begin looking for jobs and start working.


It is a website where individuals and organisations may hire freelancers to do tasks. Employers use this site to hire individuals from different countries at lower wages. So you can easily get a copy-paste job online with free registration in India.


Another excellent website that can help you find online jobs without making you pay regularly is Flexjobs. It is the place to go if you are looking for remote jobs, part-time work, or freelance opportunities. Also, it will help you to work with prestigious organisations like Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and others.

The Bottom Line

Copy-paste jobs are a great additional source of income. The hours are flexible, the work is simple, and most importantly, you work independently. You can choose from many different copy-paste jobs and find the perfect match on several platforms. You only need good internet connectivity and the motivation to start a copy-paste job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which site is best for copy-and-paste jobs?

Google Careers is one of the best sites for copy-paste jobs. You can apply to one of the various jobs listed on the platform and make a living by working part-time from anywhere in India.

Q2. How do copy-and-paste jobs work?

You can copy a text selection from a document and paste it into another location. By doing this, you can avoid tediously retyping lengthy passages of text. Your computer’s operating system keeps copied items in a “clipboard.” In addition to text, you can copy and paste images, files, and even other types of media.

Q3. How can you make money by copying and pasting?

When you copy-paste work from home, you work on a project assigned to you by a business and posted on their website or portal. When it is satisfied and approved, you get your due payment.

Q4. What is a data entry job?

The data entry clerk creates source files in computerised formats, updates existing information, and maintains the customer database. All data is sorted and organised according to various criteria.

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