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25 Ways on How to Earn Money from Home for Students (2024)

How to earn money from home for students? If you are wondering how students can earn money from home then in this post, we will discuss some online jobs with salaries and required skills.

Taking up any online job from home can revolve your favourite pastime into a money-making opportunity. On average, Indian teens spend 6-9 hours on-screen media each day, so why not convert all this time into something productive whilst making money?

All you need is a computer and a good internet connection. Most of these jobs don’t even require any specific training beforehand and even if you have a high school degree in hand, you are good to go.

Advantages of Earning Money Online for Students

There are many benefits to earn money online for students. Some of the advantages to make online money are:

  • Financial freedom
  • Flexible working timing
  • Learn organization and time management skills
  • You can work for international clients
  • Become confident and gain communication and interpersonal skills
  • You can work from anywhere
  • Learn new skills
  • Exposure to the corporate working environment
  • Exposure to multiple career options
  • No investment required

List of Online Jobs for Students

Following is the list of all the best online jobs for students without investment which will help you in earning online. 

JobSkillsPlatformsSalary /month
Online Tutor– Subject expertise– Listening skills– Teaching skills– Technical expertise– Udemy– SkillShare– Coursera– CheggINR 15K-16K
Online Data Entry– Microsoft Excel Knowledge– Data management tools Knowledge– Communication skills– Research skills– Freelancer– Data Plus– Clickworker– GuruINR 10K-11K
Survey Jobs– Observation skills– Computer knowledge– Detail oriented– Time-management– Toluna– IPanelOnline– Swagbucks– YouGov– PaidViewPointINR 25K-26K
Content Writing– Adaptability– Grammar and Vocabulary– Research Skills– Editing– Internshala– Linkedin– Fiverr– Upwork– FreelancingINR 21K-23K
Virtual Assistant– Communication skills– Time management– Problem-solving skills– Detail oriented– Time etc– Upwork– RemoteCoWorker– FiverrINR 20K-22K
Online HR Recruiter– Marketing skills– People skills– Time management– Patience– ZipRecruiter– LinkedIn– JazzHR– Zoho RecruitINR 14K-16K
Digital Marketing– SEO & SEM– Copywriting– Social Media– Designing Skills– Email Marketing– Internshala– Linkedin– Fiverr– Upwork– FreelancingINR 21K-23K
Google AdSense– Writing– Research skills– Self-motivated     – GoogleINR 10K-15K
Vlogging– Time management– Creativity– Video editing– YouTube– InstagramINR 17K-30K
Blogging– Basic designing skills– Writing skills– Niche knowledge– Research– Medium– WordPress– VocalINR 21K-23K
Online Boutique– Leadership skills– Teamwork– Communication skills– Customer management skills– Shopify– Instagram– BigCommerceINR 15K-30K
Sell old Items– Listening skills– Persuasive skills– Collaboration skills– OLX– eBay– Quikr– InstagramINR 10K-20K
Photographer– Self-motivated– Creativity– Eye for detail– Flexjobs– Upwork– FiverrINR 21K-23K
Photo / Video Editing– Attention to detail– Adaptability– Organizational skills– Linkedin– Fiverr– Upwork– FreelancerINR 21K-23K
Graphic Designing– Creativity– Adaptability– Designing skills– Internshala– Linkedin– Fiverr– Upwork– FreelancerINR 21K-23K
Proofreader– Editing skills– Attention to detail– Language skills– Internshala– Linkedin– Fiverr– Upwork– FreelancerINR 15K-30K
Instagram Influencer– Content creation– Persuasive– Communication skills– InstagramINR 21K-23K
Translator– Technical knowledge– Research– Negotiation skills– Networking skills– Internshala– Linkedin– Fiverr– Upwork– FreelancerINR 25K-26K
Affiliate Marketing– Problem-solving skills– Decision-making– Creativity– Content Creation– Amazon Associates– ShareASale– Awin– eBay Partner NetworkINR 21K-23K
Apps and Websites Reviewer– Computer knowledge– Time management– Recordkeeping– Product Hunt– MobileAppDaily– Mashable– TechCrunch– GetAppINR 20K-30K
Online Market Trading– Patience– Research– Analytical thinking– eToro– Angel Broking– ICICI Direct– Sharekhan TradeTigerINR 10K-23K
Build Website– Technical expertise– Creativity– Designing skills– Attention to detail– Wix– WordPress– Squarespace– PixpaINR 18K-19K
EBook Author– Writing skills– Creativity– Persuasion skills– Marketing skills– Amazon– KITABOO– Barnes & Noble Press– Notion Press– Rakuten Kobo Writing LifeINR 15K-39K
Social Media Manager– Creativity– Communication skills– Writing skills– Making connections– Staying up-to-date with trends– Internshala– Linkedin– Fiverr– Upwork – Instagram INR 29K-30K
Subject Matter Expert– Communication skills– Listening skills– Subject expertise– Always learning & updating your knowledge– CheggINR 15K-30K

1) Online Tutor

Now teaching is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. Teachers now connect with their students virtually over video calls through laptops or mobile phones. And hence can start teaching online as a tutor.

Tutors are responsible for collecting subject material, solving students’ questions, evaluating their work, and monitoring their performance. You can register online on various platforms which will help you connect with students who are looking for online tutors.

2) Online Data Entry

It is one of the simplest jobs among the ways how to earn money from home for students. This job doesn’t require any particular technical skills. You can check out different legit platforms to find online data entry jobs from home.

As a data entry specialist, you would be required to update the data from other sources on the company’s server. You will be required to maintain the company’s data up to date and make it easily accessible for everyone.

3) Subject Matter Expert

If you are an expert in any discipline like Engineering, Earth Science, Mathematics, Business etc., then you can become a Subject Matter Expert at Chegg.

As a Q&A, you have to answer various questions related to the subject. You will be paid for every correct answer. It is a part-time job that will allow you to work from the comfort of your home with good pay.

3) Survey Jobs

If you can give genuine reviews, then this just might be the right job for you if you are looking for ways how to earn money from home for students. Keep in mind that most of the sites are not legit, so make sure you join only a trustworthy site.

You are paid for your participation in various surveys offered by the firm, writing reviews, and carrying out research work online. Work hours are very flexible. You can work from home at any time that is suitable for you.

4) Content Writing

One of the most popular sectors in freelance work is content writing. Companies are always on the lookout for people looking out how to earn money from home for students to work as part-time freelancers who can create intriguing and unique content to engage more audiences.

Content writers are professional writers who create content in the form of articles, blogs, podcasts, e-books, captions, web content development, etc. You are also responsible for content planning and sometimes writing SEO content.

5) Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs have become popular since the advent of small businesses. They provide administrative support to clients and businesses. This is one of the best jobs for students as it does not require any specific qualification.

Virtual assistant work includes managing small business tasks, handling clients, making schedules, organizing meetings, etc. Day-to-day tasks may include making phone calls, email follow-ups, research work, data entry, scheduling appointments, proofreading, etc.

6) Online HR Recruiter 

Various sites online like or provide a platform for students to connect with companies for the position of an online HR recruiter.

The HR recruiter sets up and conducts interviews and hires the employee best suited for the job and the company. Your day-to-day work will include screening resumes, conducting telephonic interviews, briefing employees on the training process, and closely monitoring applicants.

7) Digital Marketing 

The work of a digital marketer requires creating awareness and developing a brand image. Your daily tasks include communicating with your target audience, managing social media pages to increase user engagement, and assisting with marketing campaigns.

Your sole objective as a Digital Marketer is to manage full-cycle digital campaigns as well as maintain a positive brand image across all digital platforms.

8) Google AdSense

Google AdSense provides a platform for you to make money through your online content. You will need to add ads related to the content you generate to your site. No qualification is required to work on Google AdSense. You just need to understand how it works to get started.

Your content should be unique, and original, and should attract a large audience. The ads will be provided to you beforehand by advertisers who wish to promote their products and increase their outreach.

9) Vlogging 

With over 560 million internet users, India is the second-largest online market in the world. YouTube has 20 million active users. Brands pay vloggers a good amount for posts, mentions and ad links which can become a great opportunity to earn money from home in India.

If you have a hobby ranging from cooking, dancing, stand-up, origami, painting and more, you can document it and share it with your viewers on your YouTube channel.

10) Blogging

Blogging is one of the popular work-from-home jobs for students. There is no minimum qualification required to start blogging. All you need is interest in the subject and knowledge about it.

As a blogger, you can write about various topics that interest you. Pick a niche like gardening, education, sports, anime, entertainment, DIY etc. and share your knowledge and experience on it.

11) Online Boutique

India is the number one exporter of handicrafts, there is huge scope for selling your art online. With the social media user base increasing every year, more and more users have started shopping online. This is a good way to earn while sitting at home.

You can sell your art pieces, handmade jewellery, fashion apparel, and bakery products by setting up an online business. You can sell products through your website, Amazon, WhatsApp, or through social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, etc.

12) Sell old Items

Every item in your house that you have not used in the last 3 years, now you can earn money by selling it. Most of the houses have so many old items which are of no use and can be used by others.

This includes old furniture, jewellery, watches, tools, vehicle parts, outdoor equipment, mobile handsets and whatever else is lying in your store room drawers. One can use the websites to sell their products directly to the consumers, or register themselves on the online platforms and list their products.

13) Photographer

If you are a budding photographer then you can join online platforms and sell your photos. There are many brands that require photographers to shoot for their products, website or business.

You can use your skills to help them and earn some money in return. Shoot high-definition photographs for client products, process images, edit, and make changes if necessary. There are many websites where you can also sell your photos such as Shutterstock, Getty Images, 500px etc.

14) Photo / Video Editing 

Many businesses look for video and image editors. If you are skilled in video or image editing then you can work for clients and help them create great videos and images for their businesses.

As a video and image editor, you will need to convert raw footage into a final product. You’ll be adding audio, special effects, fixing lighting, adjusting image tone, checking quality, etc.

15) Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is another great job for students. Brands and companies look for budding graphic designers who can create eye-catching graphics for their businesses to attract online customers. If you have knowledge of Adobe, Canva and other tools then you can start working as a graphic designer.

There are immense job opportunities in graphic designing where you can work on logo designing, menu designing, illustration, layout, book cover designing, product packaging etc.

16) Proofreader

With the growing content industry, the demand for proofreaders also increased. If you have a good command of language and attention to detail, then you can apply for proofreader jobs.

As a proofreader, you must ensure that the content is error-free. You don’t need to rewrite unless necessary. You should ensure that the copy is clear of any formatting, spelling or grammatical issues. If you know the regional language then your chances of getting a good pay increase. If you know additional regional languages then your chances of getting a good pay increase.

17) Instagram Influencer

Becoming an Instagram Influencer is one of the best works if you want to turn your passion into a successful career. You can start becoming an Instagram Influencer without any investment. Connect directly with your audience and build relationships with them.

As an Instagram Influencer, you will create engaging content for your target audience and increase your followers. Companies look for people with a good fan following and pay them to promote their brands to their audience.

18) Translator  

With globalization, global companies need a translator to take their brands to a regional level. If you are multilingual or studying a new language then you can apply for a translator role. Working with professional people will expand your network. So, if businesses value your work, chances are they’ll hire you.

Your role as a translator could be to translate letters, letters, emails and movie subtitles. You must translate accurately from one language to another without changing the meaning of the sentence. You will work in various fields like business, technical, legal, scientific etc.

19) Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has grown to become one of the best work options for students. It refers to the promotion or publicising of a business, its goods and services through various channels like social media, email, etc.

To increase consumer interest and boost sales, many businesses look for people who can promote their goods and services. As a commission or payment for the task, you get to make a good sum of money. You can start working by creating an account on various affiliate networks.

20) Apps and Websites Reviewer

There are many product review websites from which you can earn money by reviewing products. Many companies ask people to review their products and in return, they pay you for your review. You can start reviewing things from other companies and earn a good amount of money by doing this work online.

Your job as a reviewer is to test the app or website and give genuine feedback on set parameters. You should review the product on the basis of performance, functionality, usefulness, its performance on the internet, how user-friendly it is, the design of the website etc.

21) Online Market Trading

If you have a basic understanding of the stock market then you can do online stock trading. You don’t need to be a professional as long as you learn the skills. You can also take free online stock trading courses or online classes to learn more about it and become an expert.

As a trader, you need to find an online stockbroker and open a Demat account to buy and sell shares. Check the market share of the company and the stock history of the company on the platform to get an idea. Do some analysis before buying and selling stocks.

22) Build Websites

If you possess web designing skills and have an eye for captivating designs, you can work as a website designer or builder. Many businesses seek professionals who can create visually appealing websites to attract their intended audience. You can work for such businesses and assist them in developing their websites.

As a website builder, you will be responsible for creating a website from scratch. You must ensure that the website functions correctly on both the web and mobile platforms, fix any issues, and make it user-friendly. You can use pre-existing templates and platforms, which eliminates the need to learn technical aspects.

23) eBook Author

If you want to become an author then today instead of traditional publishing you can self-publish your work. There are many platforms where you can sell your e-book and set the rate as per your wish. Most of these platforms are free and require no investment.

As an eBook author, you can choose to write on any topic be it fiction or nonfiction. You are also responsible for self-publishing, and promoting and marketing the book. Once written, share it on social media with your friends, family and online audience. Once readers start buying your book, you will get lifetime royalties on it.

24) Social Media Manager

If you have interest and experience in handling social media accounts and driving traffic to them then you can become a social media manager. As most small or big companies have their social media handles and look for people who can manage them for them. You do not need any qualifications to earn money as a social media manager. However, prior experience will help you get to work quickly.

As a social media manager, you will manage the brand’s social media presence as well as manage social media partnerships with other brands. You also have to plan, drive digital marketing initiatives, and increase the brand’s presence on social media channels.

25) Survey Jobs

If you can give genuine reviews, then this just might be the right job for you if you are looking for ways how to earn money from home for students. Keep in mind that most of the sites are not legit, so make sure you join only a trustworthy site.

You are paid for your participation in various surveys offered by the firm, writing reviews, and carrying out research work online. Work hours are very flexible. You can work from home at any time that is suitable for you.

Mistakes to Avoid while Looking for Online Jobs

Here is a list of mistakes that students usually make while looking for how to make money from home for students. Avoid these mistakes to find the right work for you.

Don’t fall for Quick Money-Making Scheme

If you want to learn how to earn money from home for students, don’t check out the quick money-making plans. Most online fraud websites offer a good amount for mediocre work. Be careful with such offers.

Giving up Quickly

Don’t give up too soon. Remember making money online requires your patience and dedication. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Don’t limit your job search to only particular sites or platforms. Be proactive and search for jobs on various platforms and ask from your network of friends and professors.

Applying to big Companies

Instead of applying only to big companies, apply to small companies as well. This will help you find a job quickly and getting you work of your interest and skill.

Not having Portfolio

Have your online portfolio ready. It can be challenging to let employers understand your skills and potential without a portfolio of work in your area of interest.

Poor Cover Letter

Those who want to learn how to earn money from home for students miss out on writing an impressive cover letter. A bad cover letter with lots of errors can lead to rejection even if you have all the skills.

How to Earn Money from Home for Students – Summary

If you are a student and want to earn money, you can enrol in any of the above lists on how to earn money from home for students. Working as a part-time freelancer helps you understand the job better and exposes you to various aspects of the job at an early age.

As a student working at online jobs without investment is the ideal situation, as they can concentrate on their studies as well as earn money making the best out of their time.

Just devote a few hours of your day to earn lifetime experience. This will not only help you make a few extra income and turn your screen time productive but also polish your potential, help you build contacts, learn new skills, be up-to-date with what’s in demand, and lastly, help you build up a strong resume.

Working from home for students also comes with the added advantage of helping students explore their potential as well as new opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a student earn money at home?

There are many ways for students to earn money sitting at home. They need to find out their area of interest and acquire skills in that area. After that, they can create an online portfolio and start searching and applying for jobs online on various platforms.
A few jobs are:
1. Online tutor
2. Data entry
3. Content writing
4. Blogging
5. Vlogging

Which online job is best for students?

There are many student-friendly jobs they can do. A few of the jobs for those who want to learn how to earn money from home for students are:
1. Online tutor
2. Content writing
3. Blogging
4. Vlogging
5. Digital Marketer

These are some of the jobs that students can take whether they are studying in class 10th or attending college.

How much can you make by working online while studying?

With online jobs, students can now study and work at the same time. Student jobs are best as it does not require any professional skills to start. And they can even make a good amount of earnings. Different jobs have different earnings. On average, a student can easily make anywhere between INR 5-10K per month.

How to make money from home for students?

There are many jobs online that help students to earn money sitting at home. They can register on various freelancing platforms and search for jobs of their interest.
Some of the sites where students can find work are:

1. Internshala
2. Linkedin
3. Fiverr
4. Upwork
5. Guru
6. Freelancer

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