How to Get Invoice from LinkedIn Ads (2024)

LinkedIn Ads are a useful asset for businesses hoping to contact an expert audience. From supported content to supported InMail, LinkedIn Ads offers a scope of advertising choices to assist businesses with interfacing with their target audience.

In any case, to whom much is given, much will be expected, and as a business proprietor or advertiser, you might be considering how to get a receipt for your LinkedIn Ads costs. This article will give you a step-by-step guide on the most proficient method to get a receipt from LinkedIn Ads.

Understanding LinkedIn Ads Charging:

As a LinkedIn Ads client, it is critical to comprehend how the stage’s charging framework functions. LinkedIn Ads utilizes a pre-pay model, and that implies you should add assets to your record before you can send off your promotion crusades.

How to Get Invoice from LinkedIn Ads (2023)

When your ads are live, LinkedIn Ads will deduct the expense of your ads from your record balance. The following are a couple of key things to remember:

  • LinkedIn Ads charges by impression or click, contingent upon the promotion design you pick.
  • The expense of every impression or still up in the air by an offering framework, and that implies you might pay pretty much relying upon how much content there is for your target audience.
  • You can set an everyday or complete financial plan for your ads to control your spending.

LinkedIn Ads will stop your ads once your record balance arrives at nothing, so it’s essential to screen your record balance consistently.

Steps To Get Invoice from LinkedIn Ads

Step 1: Sign in to Your LinkedIn Ads Record

The most important phase in getting a receipt from LinkedIn Ads is to sign in to your LinkedIn Ads account. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the LinkedIn Ads login page and enter your login certifications.
  • Whenever you are signed in, explore the “Mission Supervisor” part of your record

Step 2: Access the Charging Segment

When you are in the “Mission Director” part of your record, you can get to the charging segment by following these steps:

  • Click on the stuff symbol situated in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Starting from the drop menu, select “Charging.”

Step 3: Download Your Receipt

When you are in the charging segment, you can download your receipt by following these steps:

  • Find the receipt you need to download and click on it.
  • Click on the “Download” button to download your receipt in PDF design.

Step 4: Actually take a look at Your Charging History

If you have any desire to see your charging history, follow these steps:

  • Explore the “Charging History” segment situated in the left-hand menu of the charging page.
  • Here, you can see your charging history, including your past solicitations and charges.

Step 5: Contact LinkedIn Ads Backing (If Vital)

Assuming you have any issues or questions connected with getting your receipt, you can contact LinkedIn Ads support by following these steps:

  • Click on the “Help Center” connect situated in the base left corner of the charging page.
  • Here, you can find replies to often get clarification on some pressing issues and contact LinkedIn Ads support for additional help.

How To See LinkedIn Ads Account Balance?

To see your LinkedIn Ads account balance, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your LinkedIn Ads account.
  • Click on the stuff symbol in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Charging.”
  • On the charging page, you will see your ongoing record balance shown conspicuously at the highest point of the page.

Tips To Manage Your LinkedIn Ads Costs

How to Get Invoice from LinkedIn Ads (2023)

Here are a few ways to deal with your LinkedIn Ads expenses effectively:

  • Set a sensible financial plan: Prior to sending off your promotion crusades, decide the amount you can reasonably bear to spend on LinkedIn Ads. This will assist you with trying not to overspend and monitor your expenses.
  • Screen your record balance consistently: Watch out for your record equilibrium to guarantee that you have an adequate number of assets to keep your ads running. In the event that your record balance gets excessively low, you risk having your ads stopped or halted.
  • Enhance your promotion targeting: Use LinkedIn Ads’ targeting choices to guarantee that your ads are being displayed to the right audience. This will assist you with capitalizing on your promotion spend and try not to squander cash on ineffective ads.
  • Track your promotion execution: Use LinkedIn Ads’ announcing apparatuses to follow the presentation of your ads. This will assist you with distinguishing which ads are performing great and which ones should be advanced or ceased.
  • Utilize cost-saving strategies: Consider utilizing strategies like promotion booking, bid changes, and promotion revolution to assist you with getting a good deal on your LinkedIn Ads crusades.

By following these tips, you can deal with your LinkedIn Ads expenses effectively and capitalize on your promotion spend. Make sure to consistently audit your promotion execution and change your methodologies on a case-by-case basis to streamline your outcomes.


Getting a receipt from LinkedIn Ads is a basic cycle that can be finished in only a couple of steps. By following the step-by-step guide given in this article, you can without much of a stretch access and download your receipt, view your charging history, and contact LinkedIn Ads support if important.

Assuming you have any inquiries or issues connected with getting your receipt. Anyway, what are you hanging tight for? Get everything rolling today and assume command over your LinkedIn Ads costs!

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